Tuesday, February 8, 2011


$16.95  from your favorite bookseller 

There are ten things that your puppy needs to know to grow up to be a great dog:

1.You are the most important thing in his world
2. You are the source of all good things
3. He can trust you
4.You will always protect him
5.You make all the decisions
6. Everything in the world belongs to you
7.Small humans are not prey
8.Whoever holds the leash is in charge
9.When he is right, he will be rewarded
10.If something is wrong, it is wrong all the time, every single time, without fail.

Once your puppy learns these ten things, everything else comes easily!  In Ten Things Your Puppy Needs to Know you will learn everything you need to know to raise the perfect puppy, all while making training the most fun either one of you have ever had. 

All students at The Pet Coach receive a copy of Ten Things Your Puppy Needs to Know with their training course, or you can order your copy here.